Request for Proposals

Sr. Title Starting Date Closing Date TORs Status
1 Request for Proposal for Carrying out Assessment of Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) projects 10-03-2021 12-04-2021 Download Detail (ToRs) Closed
2 Study on the Approach and Impact of Financial Access Interventions of Sindh Union Council and Community Economic Strengthening Support (SUCCESS) Programme on Poor Households-Addendum to RFP (Ref # RSPN/RFP/2020/002) 17-03-2020 20-05-2020 Download Detail (ToRs) Closed
3 RFP for Midline Socio-Economic Survey 26-12-2019 27-01-2020 Download Detail (ToRs) Closed
4 RFP for Annual Socio Economic Surveys 14-10-2017 04-12-2017 Download Detail (ToRs) Closed
5 RFP for Communication & visibility activities of SUCCESS Programme 14-10-2017 06-11-2017 Download Detail (ToRs) Closed
6 RFP for Study on Pathways to Social and Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Sindh 24-09-2017 10-11-2017 Download Detail (ToRs) Closed
7 RFP for Technical and Vocational Skills Training Provider(s) 12-06-2017 12-07-2017 Download Detail (ToRs) Closed
8 RFP for Website Maintenance and Upgradation 06-12-2016 24-12-2016 Download Detail (ToRs) Closed
9 RFP for Visibility Items 14-10-2016 07-11-2016 Download Detail (ToRs) Closed


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